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About Community Learning Center
Posted On Jan 02, 2014

What are CLC ? CLC are places for providing lifelong learning opportunities to everyone in the community in order to : •Empower them to become self-reliant •improve their quality of life •Develop their community CLCs are usually set up and managed by community people. They serve everyone in the community including adults, youth and children regardless of race, sex, caste or religion. What are the roles of CLS? The roles of CLCs as follows •To identify and address the needs of the community. •To cater to the needs and interests of the community through various activities •To mobilize the resources in the community •To establish linkage, close co-operation and partnerships with other organizations and agencies. A CLC may be involved in a variety of community development activities depending upon local needs. • To monitor and review progress in order to help in future planning • To document the strengths and weakness of CLC activities Where the CLCs located? We can set up CLCs at different places in the community, especially in already existing buildings easily accessible to all, such as the health center, temple. mosque, primary school and other public places. What are the functions and activities of CLCs •Each CLC has different programs depending on the community’s needs and its socio economic, religious and cultural activities. •The core activities of CLCs are educational. Many activities are closely linked to the economic life of local people. •The CLC is a place for providing various programs that are often supported technically by experts within and outside the community. such as: Education and Training Saving and credit Income Generation Programs Skill Trainings Program for children Information and communication technology Community Development Who runs CLCs ? The CLC Manager is responsible for the day -to-day activities of the CLC. The CLC Committee is concerned with planning, implementation, fund raising, monitoring and evaluating the CLC. In principle, CLC are managed by the local manager and committee members. At the same time it is important to have support from local government offices. How can we sustain CLCs ? The cooperation, contribution and commitment of community people, particularly in terms of sense of ownership, are key to sustain a CLC. Community people will work together to find ways of keeping their CLC going if they realize that the center belongs to them and essential for improving their quality of life. They will then find it their duty to maintain the CLC for the purpose of their community’s lifelong learning and development.

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