Coordination and Networking

NRC-NFE developed links and contact with various organization such as NGOs and INGOs. Similarly the center is working closely with the Ministry of Education and local development agencies, district and village development committees and municipalities, who working for literacy promotion.

The network is especially on the exchange of materials, training, organization of literacy classes etc. The center has established a close network with following INGOS, NGOs, Govt. Local Organizations.

Development Organizations
» Agriculture Perspective Plan Support Program (APPSP)
» Community Bahu Sanchar Kendra
» Community Drinking Water Organization
» Fish Development Center
» Gautam Buddha Community Forest Users’ Committee
» Gramin Baudha Sarsafai Group
» Imiliya Primary School
» International Development Enterprise (IDE)
» Kalika Swabalamban Kendra
» Livelihood Forest Program
» Partnership for New Life
» Poverty Alleviation Fund
» Satyabati Bee Concern
» Siddhartha Social Developent Center
» Smallholders Irrigation Market Initiative (SIMI), Nepal
» Sunshine Social Development Center
» Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Program (TRPAP)

Line Agencies
» Agriculture Service Center
» District Agriculture Development Office (DADO)
» District Education Office (DEO)
» District Forest Office (DFO)
» District Public Health Office
» District Veterinary Office
» District Veterinary Service Center
» Non-Formal Education Center (NFEC)
» Cottage and Small Industries Office

Local Government
» District Development Committee (DDC)
» Local Development Fund
» Lumbini Development Trust
» Village Development Committee (VDC)

Health Organizations
» Eye Treatment and Rehabilitation Center
» Health Posts
» International Buddhist Society (IBS)
» Sub Health Post
» Vision 2000, Nepal Family Planning Association
» Women Development Section etc

- Co-ordination & Networking with different agencies whose working areas were similar to the objective of CLC.
- Various modes of co-operation for materials, technical support, human resources, land support, financial support etc.
- Different coordination meeting, seminar and workshop at local, district and national level.