Objectives and Mission

1. Promoting and establishing CLC mobilizing people’s power and enhancing people’s capacity to organize need based literacy, income generating and life related education programs.

2. Providing education to the deprived people especially illiterate children, youth, girls and women who missed the chance to go to the formal schools by conducting literacy programs, formal education equivalent program, functional literacy programs etc.

3. Integrating income generation with education by forming different functional groups like vegetable farming, fruit farming, fish raising, bee keeping, buffalo rearing, goat raising etc. and providing training to the group members to apply new technologies for improving their income generating activities.

4. Promoting saving and credit program to empower the ordinary people including women and other disadvantaged people.

5. Integrating learning with quality of life improvement activities like latrine building, health camps, health education, education for women empowerment and participation in decision making activities etc.

6. Promoting education for sustainable development by running programs for the promotion of community forests, tree plantation, cleaning campaign, water resource preservation, waste management, renewable energy generation from bio gas, solar power, wind power etc.

7. Undertaking research studies, case studies, evaluation studies in the field of literacy and NFE programs.

8. Developing NFE Curriculum for the Government and manual for adapting the national curriculum to suit the local situations or developing local curriculum.

9. Developing a number of teaching learning materials like books, documents, posters, training manuals, guidebooks, electronic materials etc. on literacy and NFE and making available to adapt by various government organizations and other NGOs.

10. Providing technical support to the Government, UNESCO and other I/NGOs for promotion of CLCs in Nepal.

11. Designing and implementing integrated literacy and NFE programs and capacity building training programs for different functionaries at different levels.