Organizing Trainings

It is said that the education system cannot rise beyond the level of its teachers and instructors. Therefore, the training of instructors and teachers is a top priority. So, the center, since its inception, is trying to enhance the training of literacy and NFE practitioners, supervisors, facilitators and organizers at different level. The center has developed its own training package to train supervisors, facilitators and literacy organizers, The training programs of the center are very participatory and innovative. The training of NRC-NFE has its training program with how to identify learning needs of the learners, how to design and develop local curriculum and simple local materials, assessment techniques, class management etc. So far more than 400 literacy facilitators, supervisors, organizers have got benefits from the training programs.

The center have been providing training to Childhood training, Literacy/NFE/OSP class facilitator, supervisors, CLC personnel on planning and management of CLC and NGOs Capacity Building.