Rural Connectivity through CLCs for Sustainable Development


"Rural Connectivity through CLCs for Sustainable Development, 2012" was designed to support for installing solar panel and bio gas in community for ICT to enable CLCs to get knowledge and skill based information from internet access and other sources and transfer knowledge and skills to the community people for sustainable development. The project was submitted to the UNESCO Bangkok.

The project areas covers 4 CLCs Madhubani and Lumbini Adarsha of Rupandehi district and Patariya and Tilaurakot of Kapilvastu district of 4 VDCs.


- To enable CLCs to use solar plant as alternative energies for connecting internet.
- To enable the CLCs for communication and transferring knowledge and skills through internet and other means.
- To support the community to install bio gas and solar plants with subsidy from respective companies.
- To enable community to promote organic farming using by-product of bio gas plant and other organic manure
- To build capacity of CLC personnel and community people on maintenance of bio gas and solar panel.

Major Activities

- Installation of solar plant at the CLCs for internet connection
- Websites and contents development
- Information/ knowledge/ skill collection and dissemination by CLCs through internet access
- Awareness raising activities
- Training for CLC personnel on application of solar plant and its maintenance
- Training for CLC personnel on internet connection and information collection and dissemination
- Training for community people on bio gas plant/ solar plant and their maintenance

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