Literacy Education Promotion for Girls and Women in Nepal

Mikie Himalayan Literacy Fund & RID 2750 RC Tokyo Setagaya Central


The Project focus on empowerment of girls and women in the communities through literacy and non formal education programs linked with need based functional, vocational, income generating skills and life skills. The project activities were focused on integrated literacy classes, income generating skill training, strengthening Community Information Center (CIC)/ library and information dissemination through Community Learning Centers. The project activities were implemented in the community areas of two wards 11 & 22 of Lalitpur Municipality and Bungamati, Siddhipur VDC of Lalitpur District. The project activities were implemented in the community areas with the help of CLCs and women groups.


- To provide learning opportunities through need based functional literacy, NFE programs and literacy campaign
- To provide productive skills to the learners' groups through skill development training programs
- To support the Saving and Credit women groups for promoting income generation
- To empower women to become self supported and to help other women
Major Activities

- Organization of Planning Workshop
- Selection of Learners
- Organization of Facilitators Training
- Organization of Literacy Level III and NFE Adult Primary Classes
- Orientation to the Group Members on Saving and Credit Scheme and Cooperative Societies for Promotion of Cooperatives Spirit
- Organization of Skill Development Training Programs for the Group Members.
- Support for the women groups for promoting income generation activities.
- Inter CLC visit program for group members
- Supervision and Monitoring

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