Supporting Maternal and Child Health Improvement and Building Literate Environments (SMILE)


The integration of literacy and maternal & child health education is very good and effective means to promote literate environment at home which facilitate mother and their children and all family members to become literate on the health issues. the " Supporting Maternal and Child Health Improvement and Building Literate Environment (SMILE)" implemented in 4 CLCs of Rupendehi and Kapilvastu and 1 CLC and 3 communities of Lalitpur District. The activities were designed with more emphasis Illiterate and neo-literate pregnant women and mothers having children aged 0-5 and community people. and community to bring health awareness among them and using the literacy skills for their health care by themselves, to teach their friends, family members and the community people.


- To improve women's literacy level in maternal and child health education.
- To build the literate home and community environments promoting literacy and lifelong learning activities through CLCs
- To improve the health condition of mothers and children of the communities. Major activities

- Selection of Facilitators and Learners
- Collection, Selection and Development of Literacy Materials on the theme of Maternal and Child Health
- Orientation and training for CLC members, literacy facilitators and community health workers on maternal and child health issues
- Conduct contact sessions on various topics related to Maternal & Child Health
- Conduction of Health Camp and Provision of Primary Health Care Services.
- Strengthening of CLC Resource Center
- Organization of Mobile Library for Reading Promotion
- Development of Case Stories and Sharing
- Development of Gift Packages and Distributions

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