Development of National Resource Database on Literacy and Continuing Education for Nepal


NRC-NFE was proposed to undertake the project on "Development of National Resource Database on Literacy and Non-Formal Education in Nepal” within the framework of National EFA Action plan and United Nations Literacy Decade. The project has been very helpful for NFE personnel, planner & technical experts at national, district, CLC and community level of Nepal. A well designed and easily accessible resource database on NFE could help government, NGOs, CLCs, practitioners, facilitators and other personnel to build their capacity and help designing innovative and effective NFE programmes.


- To collect available national resources on literacy and continuing education.
- To develop a national resource Database in local language in the form of printing, CD and website.
- To disseminate and utilize the materials for NFE personnel at national level, district level and community level.

Major activities

- Consultation and Preparation of Action Plan
- Collection and Selection of resource materials
- Contents of the Database
- Development of Database format and digitization
- Development and Production of National Resource Database Pack
- Consultation meeting
- Finalization and dissemination

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