Field Testing of Regional Handbook on Life Skills in Non Formal Education Programmes


The draft Handbook on Life Skills in NFE Programme was developed to help planner, practitioners, CLC personnel and literacy and NFE personnel to develop appropriate NFE programme integrating life skills for various groups. The draft handbook is developed as a regional guide to integrate life skills in various NFE programmes based on experiences from APPEAL regional pilot project and through various discussions at a series of expert meeting. In order to see the practicability and validity and understandability of the handbook, it is field tested in various countries including Nepal. For Nepal, NRC-NFE carried out field testing of the handbook through various activities.

Objectives of the field testing

- To see the validity, reliability, practicability and understandability of the handbook among the potential users
- To collect comments and suggestions of the handbook for the further improvement

Major Activities

- Translation of the draft handbook
- Tools adaptation and development
- Field Testing of Part two of the handbook in Kathmandu and Lumbini
- Conduction of Questionnaire survey
- Focus Group Discussion
- Development of Maternal Health Literacy Curriculum
- Analysis of field testing data/information
- Field testing of Part One of the Handbook
- Feedbacks through e-mail

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