- Research and Studies

1. Research Study on Basic Education and Life Long Learning for Gender Equality through CLC (2001)
The CLCs have been providing support to crete atmosphere for learning to improve the status of the girls and women in the communities. The main objective of the research study was to find out status of girls and women in literacy and primary education in rural areas of Nepal. The research study focused its attention to activities carried out by some selected CLCs in Nepal to highlight the best practices undertaken by them to promote basic education for girls and women in Nepal. The study was carried out as a follow up activity of the Technical Workshop held in Indonesia in 2001.
2. Gender Responsive Non-Formal Education in Nepal- A Case Study (2004)
A case study on Gender Responsive Non-Formal Education in Nepal presents a picture of Non Formal Education program which is especially targeted to promote gender equality. The study report includes general picture and nature of NFE program towards gender equality and particularly had taken two programs which were specifically design to promote gender equality. Special activities carried out for gender equality, activities that could be helpful to lead gender equality, program/project modalities, best practices major issues and problem regarding the gender equality through NFE and recommendation for developing gender responsive NFE programs.