Amarapur Community Learning Center
About Us

Operation and management

The CLC is managed by the CLC Management Committee comprised of 13 members with 10 female members. The present committee members are as follows:

S.N. Name of the members Position in the committee
1. Yagya Ratna Shakya Chairman
2. Sangita Shrestha Vice-Chairman
3. Kumar Nakarmi Secretary
4. Sabina Dangol Treasurer
5. Mina Maharjan Member
6. Pancha Maya Tuladhar Member
7. Sushila Shakya Member
8. Asta Maya Tuladhar Member
9. Purna Maya Mali Member
10. Indu Tuladhar Member
11. Pratap Ratna Shakya Member
12. Indra  Laxmi Maharjan Member
13. Nun. Sunita Member
  Mrs. Meera Shah Social Mobilizer

There are 61 general members with 56 females in the CLC. There is a social mobilizer as regular paid staff for daily office operation and management of CLC activities. The CLCMC members and other members are providing voluntary services for CLC programs.
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