Khudabagar Community Learning Center
About Us

Operation and Management

The CLC is managed by the CLC Management Committee comprised of 11 members including 5 females. The present committee members are as follows:

S.N. Name of the members Position in the committee
1. Mr. Chulhai Harijan Chairman
2. Mr. Ram Manoj Tiwari Vice-Chairman
3. Mr. Bishnu Prasad Yadav Secretary
4. Mr. Lautu Prasad Sahni Joint Secretary
5. Ms. Pushpa Tripathi Treasurer
6. Mr. Mahendra Chaudhary Member
7. Mr. Ganesh Pd. Yadav Member
8. Mrs. Binda Chaudhary Member
9. Mrs. Nirupa Chaudhary Member
10. Mrs. Krishna Kumari Yadav Member
11. Mrs. Shanta Pandey Member
12. Mrs. Amarawati Yadav Social Mobilizer

There are 43 Life members in the CLC. There is a social mobilizer, only one paid staff for daily office operation and management of the CLC. The CLCMC members and other members are volunteers.
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