Madhubani Community Learning Center

Coordination and support from different organizations

The CLC has established network with different organizations and have been able to get support from them as follows:
  Agency Support Description of supports
Phase I (2002-2006) District Education Office (DEO) 4 Women literacy classes 2 of Level I and 2 of level II Facilitators training has been completed
Community Bahu Sanchar Kendra (CBO) Computer training Discount of 60% for 2 males and 50% for 1 female in the 3 months basic computer course.
District Veterinary Office Submission of proposal on goat rearing 2 proposal for 2 groups one in Ward no.6 with 25 members and other in Ward no. 7 & 8 with 10 members
Village Development Committee (VDC) Land Land for CLC building
Training on off season vegetable farming 2 days training 11 members from 4 vegetable farming groups were trained
Treadle pump 15 treadle pumps for each of the Laxmipur vegetable group and Mayadevi vegetable group.
Lumbini Development Trust Treadle pumps Tree plantation 15 pumps for Mahilwar vegetable group. Plants for tree plantation
Smallholders Irrigation Market Initiative (SIMI), Nepal Refresher's training for group leaders 2 days training received by 3 group leaders
Awareness program Increasing awareness on treadle pump in Mahajidiya
International Development Enterprise (IDE) Training Technical support for training on nursery management, transplantation, plan protection, treadle pump installation, maintenance
District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) Training on onion farming 1 day training, 15 group members of Budhanipur vegetable farming group
Treadle pumps 40 pumps for farmers of Budhanipur
Setting up of demonstration farm

  Agency Support Description of supports
  Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Program (TRPAP) Tree plantation, Training
Treadle pump
Repair of road
NRs. 12500.00 for the tree plantation
Training on Dhakiya bunai
4 treadle pumps in Laxmipur,
Repair of road of 400 meters from Madhubani to Mahjidiya
IBS, Health post, Sub health post, District Public Health Office Health program Doctor, health assistants and health workers for health camps,
Resource persons for health issue based sessions in literacy programs
Satyabati Bee Concern Training Resource person for bee keeping training
UNESCO Kathmandu Material Educational materials for Dhakiya bunai and clay handicrafts
Madarasa Education for children Children of Madarasa sent in OSP classes.

  Agency Support Description of supports
Phase II (2006-2009) DEO Literacy program Approval of CLC as govt CLC without grant
6 Adult literacy, 4 Women literacy  I level, 2 Women literacy II level and 2 local supervisors provided
District Veterinary Office IG Program Training on goat rearing provided together with Rs. 55,000.00 for 25 group members
TRPAP Bio gas Support 3 Bio gas plant installation, 1 in ward 8 and  2 in ward 6
School Awareness raising Participation in awareness raising activities like literacy day, rally, quiz contest, song competition, cleanliness program etc.
Enrollment in schools 143 OSP graduates admitted in schools
Fish Development Center, Thuti Pipal Training Training on fish farming to 3 group members
District Forest Office Tree plantation Plants for tree plantation in front of CLC
Phase III (2009-2011) NFEC CLC approval Annual grant
Best CLC award (2066) Award with certificate and cash prize 25,000.00
DEO IG program Support of Rs. 200,000 for 20 IG groups, 10 each in 2066 and 2067 ;
Group management training;
Training on vegetable farming and goat rearing
NFE programs 2 post literacy, 1 women literacy, 1 NFE adult school, 12 literacy campaign classes, FSP class, ECD class
Training Capacity building of CLCMC
Survey for literacy campaign Technical support and Rs. 18,000.00
Nagarjun Development Center HIV/AIDS Training on HIV/AIDS, Interaction program on Worlds AIDS and Condom day
Namuna Integrated Development Council Awareness raising Street drama on health and sanitation
IG program Support of 22,500.00 for 15 IG groups
Training Center Butwal Skill development training Training on house wiring for 3 youth, plumbing for 3, carpentry for 6 and embroidery for 20
Read Nepal/ UNESCO Library management training Training for 3 persons and financial support of Rs. 10,000.00
VDC Literacy Campaign Technical support
Women Development Section Training Group management training  for 30 group members; Gender training for 39 persons
Indreni Gramin Bikas Kendra, Butwal Awareness raising Street drama
DADO and Agriculture Service Center Technical support Training on off seasonal onion farming and seed distribution
District Veterinary Office/ Service Center Technical support Training and technical guidance for groups
Parliament Development Trust Wall construction in school Rs. 50,000.00
IBS Health program Health camps, nutritious food distribution and health education
Sub health post Health education Technical support for maternal and child health education and First Aid Service in CLC
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