Non Formal Education Programs

Early childhood Education Program
ECD has included in the structure of education in Nepal. ECD is regarded crucial for development of children so that they become good citizen in future. Early Childhood Development Program is for the children of age 4 years. The program aims all round development of children and prepare them for enroll in Grade I in School.

Flexible Schooling Program (FSP)
FSP is epically designed for school dropouts and out of school children ages between 8 to 14. Once children complete this intensive program, they are able to join formal schools and continue their education.

Literacy and Post Literacy Program
Literacy and Post Literacy Program targets illiterates and neo literates, the curriculum are based on their actual needs and problems in day to day life, so it is an attractive and useful activity for the individuals.

Family Literacy Program
The purpose of family literacy is creating a learning environment at home to enhance literacy, numeracy, learning and sharing traditional values, experiences through linking Community Learning Centre and home at local context. It is designed to engage family members (students and parents) in teaching learning activity.

Income Generation/Vocational Skill Training Program
Income Generation/Vocational Skill Training Programs are a crucial element of any development oriented program and NRC-NFE conducts these programs with the goal of improving the learner’s quality of life. There are various topical groups to choose from such as vegetable farming, bee keeping, fruit cultivation, animal rearing, fish farming and many more. An important part of these programs is also the promotion of saving and credit schemes in these groups.

Literacy linked with Vocational Training program
Promoting actual use of literacy is important aspect for the individual’s life. Literacy works in their life in true means and it is effectiveness learning process. Literacy can be sustainable if taught them as per their need and interest. So literacy linked with vocational training program, it will equip learners with simple reading writing and numeracy related to their concerned vocational training program.