The Nepal CLC Project

National Resource Center for Non-Formal Education (NRC-NFE), Nepal, and the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan (NFUAJ) have implemented Nepal Community Learning Center Project (NCLCP) under the World Terakoya Movement (WTM) since 2002 in Rupandehi and Kapilbastu districts. Total 21 Community Learning Centers (CLCs) in 8 districts of Nepal under NCLCP were supported by WTM till year 2020 July.

With the support of the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan (NFUAJ), the Nepal CLC Project expanded its activities in the new areas for extending the coverage in the new areas of Rupandehi, Kapilvastu, and Nawalparasi districts from 2020-21. The Project now includes 23 new CLCs (10 CLCs from Rupandehi, 10 from Kapilvastu and, 3 from Nawalparasi districts).

The overall objective of the project is to provide access to basic education for out-of-school children and school dropouts, especially young girls, by conducting alternative schooling programs to enable them to enroll in the formal education system (school). To assist in early childhood development while raising consciousness among parents/ guardians and creating a learning environment for families about social ills, such as child marriage, by making use of CLCs as a delivery mechanism for non-formal education.